Chew On This…It’s Teething Time

Two down…mouthful to go.

I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t like walking around all day with someone pinching me as hard as they possibly could.  That’s kinda what I imagine teething feels like.

At seven months our little guy is starting to sprout a few of his lower teeth.  We’ve got two that have fully broken through, with another in a “happening any moment” holding pattern.  The emergence of lower teeth is not only making our little one a little fussy, it’s kicked the drooling into overdrive.  If plastic rain ponchos were fashionable, they would be appropriate, if not necessary, attire around the house.  The facet that is now his mouth is either dripping like a melting ice cream cone or stuffed full of whatever he finds soothing.

To ease the pain, just about everything he can get his hands on goes into the mouth.  Blankets, fingers, toys, all right into the pie hole.  We often give him one of his plastic baby spoons to chew on, he clearly enjoys it and it looks to help ease some of the discomfort.  Though when he’s got the handle side in, it looks more like he’s chomping a stogie than a spoon.  But no doubt it works and keeps pressure on his gums and his little mouth happy.

While we have succumbed to using Motrin at night to keep the pain low and sleeping (ours & his) high, we’ve stayed away from a majority of the teething “cures.”  A simple google search brings up an endless list of toys and medicines that all claim to help, and I’m sure they do.  We’ve just been able (fortunately) to keep him comfortable without spending a fortune on drops or other items marketed directly to weary parents looking for anything to help.  We’ve found some of the simplest items; plastic spoons, Chewbeads rubber necklace, our fingers have helped the best.

I’m fully aware we are teeth one and two into this process and there will be many more uncomfortable times ahead, along with some long nights.  We’ve just been fortunate enough to have an incredibly happy baby otherwise, sometimes we have to pinch ourselves.



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