The Sight at Starbucks That Gave Me Pause

It’s no secret having a child puts things (everything) into perspective.  There’s little in life that can impact you the way having a living, breathing, human being, love you unconditionally (until the tween-teen years) can.

Seen at Starbucks for Northwest Children's Outreach

Seen at Starbucks for Northwest Children’s Outreach

It’s safe to say before having kids, seeing something like the basket in this photo would not have given me pause.  Maybe, I might not have even noticed it.  But there’s something about becoming a parent, a sixth, seventh, eighth sense even that clues you into all the things you missed before.  So seeing something like this basket asking for donations for the Northwest Children’s Outreach struck a chord with me.

It’s easy to stop into a Starbucks and order your $4 drink and be out the door, but today, for a moment, give pause to the causes in your community that are in need.  The pay it forward and buying the cup for the person behind you phenomena is well documented at coffee shops, but this is another and in my opinion, better way to do the same.  Help a child who may not have some of the basic things many of us take for granted.  Reach out and offer a helping hand today, and not just to the person standing behind you in line.


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