“Two New Dads” Podcast: Episode 3


Editor’s Note: Before we became the “Dads Who Diaper” we were known as the “Two New Dads.” Same team, same great show, just different name. Podcast episodes 1-5 are under the “Two New Dads” name.

So Father’s Day is just around the corner, what’s your gift preference?  Tie, socks, gift cards, time with the family?  The “Two New Dads” debate gift ideas and the pressure to deliver on holidays.  Hint: Paul once gave his wife Skittles.  Hear the story behind it and whether he was in the doghouse.

Also, sunny warmer weather is here!  The dads break down their outdoor activities, get sidetracked about sleep schedules, and somehow make their way back to discuss Father’s Day gifts that the whole family can use outside.

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