Dads Who Diaper Podcast Episode 16

Podcast Feature Graphic

The kids are back in school, so it’s a perfect time to not miss this episode of the Dads Who Diaper podcast!

This week, we chat with the founders of Diaperpedia, a new app available for iPhone users to find the nearest diaper changing station wherever you are. Felicity Hernandez joins us to talk about how you can post your own favorite diaper changing locations, help others find clean spaces, and their future plans.

Also, with back to school in full effect we break down our memories of going back to school. For better or worse, we all have memories of going back to class that stick with us decades later.

Plus, Jeff Bayer returns with a look at the best high school themed movies. Which ones hold up, which ones just fall flat all these years later, we take a look.



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