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Halloween Traditions to Start with Your Family

Halloween Traditions to Start with Your Family

Ahhh, Halloween. The time when your little ghosts and goblins spring to life and go sprinting down the street hunting for candy at every door. It’s the one holiday where your spooky creativity, dark arts and crafts, and erie pumpkin carvings are not only encouraged, but expected. Plus, there’s the totally acceptable,”candy tax” dads get […]

Review: Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles

Review: Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles

When your wife comes home from her baby shower, no doubt she’ll have plenty of different types of bottles for your baby. With LOTS of brands to choose from - picking one that you like - but more importantly Baby likes can be a bit overwhelming. Dr. Brown’s is one of the most popular brands, […]

Review: ZoLi Baby BOT Cups

Moving from the bottle phase to the sippy cup phase can be fun and exhausting. There are moments when you feel like a big time success after watching your son or daughter take a few sips from a straw and think they’ve got it, you’re done. That is until they decide they don’t like it […]

Review: Mayapple Baby Suri Teething Toys

If you’ve never heard of or are unfamiliar with the products from Mayapple Baby, I’m glad we at Dads Who Diaper get to make the introduction. If your child is going through the teething stage then their line of teething products are nothing short of a slam dunk. We were given the Suri Blueberry set to […]

Review: Roving Cove Safe Edge & Corner Cushion

If your little one is branching out and toddling around the house, no doubt you’ve looked around and noticed just about everything in the house is some sort of impending danger. Baby-proofing is one of those tasks that can be daunting yet necessary to help keep baby safe. Not to mention it can quickly add […]

Lock in Your Family’s Love, Bring Home Cakeballz

Party planning typically isn’t Dad’s strong suit. We excel at delivering top quality goods on a moments notice, as long as you let us know exactly what it is you need. Leaving us to plan the party is likely to get you whatever theme was on sale at the local party store, 19 different flavors of […]

Review: Fusion ProGlide Power Razor With FlexBall Technology

Today we’re reviewing the new Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power razor with Flexball. This $13 dollar razor works with regular ProGlide inserts and can be found everywhere razors are sold. The star feature of this razor is the flexball technology allowing you to maintain contact with your face. The model I’m reviewing comes with one AAA […]

Review: Bumbleride Indie Stroller

**UPDATED** The Bumbleride Indie is a functional, durable, and popular stroller with many useful features. In our usage we’ve found it to be right on target with expectations and functionality. Its ease of use, comfortability, and overall style and look rank high with us. Bumbleride is a strong player in the stroller market. With a […]

Review: Step2 Easy Turn Coupe

    Today we review the Easy Turn Coupe by Step2. This coupe can be found for between $52.99 and $64.99 at the time of this article. The Easy Turn Coupe come in either green or pink and even though it does not come fully assembled it shouldn’t take more than ten minutes to have […]

Review: Cloud b Twilight Constellation Turtle Night Light

At a cost of $33.95 The Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light comes in many different animal variety (Ladybug, Bunny, hippo..etc) but the one we received and will be referencing is the turtle. The Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light is a constellation night light attached to a soft stuffed animal. The constellations can be projected on […]