DIY Kitchen Toddler Tower For Your Little Helper

A few weeks ago we reviewed the Little Partners Learning Tower for those who are looking for some help for their toddler in the kitchen. We got a lot of great feedback on the post but some were interested in a ‘hack’ or DIY version. So without further ado, here’s a version you can build at home which all started with a photo my wife found on Pinterest.


Via Pinterest

This picture is what started it all.

A simple text from my wife nudging me to reach out to my dad.

My father is an exceptional wood worker. He simply can build almost anything. I often say, “some people can play the piano by ear, my dad can build by sight.” Give him a picture of something and ‘boom’ a short time later you’ve got it. (Out of three sons, not a single one of us picked up that trait.)

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My wife and I have deployed this many times in outfitting our home. See Crate & Barrel shelves in the catalogue - done. Pottery Barn bench with storage - done. So when she saw this ‘kitchen tower’ on Pinterest, she immediately knew it was the perfect project for my dad and to help our little guy start to see so much more.

Just about a week later we had the finished product in our kitchen, opening up a whole new world above the counters for our little guy. The tower has been a fantastic growth opportunity for him. Whether it’s watching us cook, reaching for things on his own, or just being able to be closer to eye level, he LOVES his tower.


Under construction

He’s learned how to climb up and down himself, often running into the kitchen and climbing up just to see what’s going on. He also loves having a snack or drink from his sippy cup while standing up there. He’s gotten so adept he can now climb in or out with something in his hand.


Getting paint

All that being said, our new tower also requires a whole new level of safety and observation. Suddenly being counter height, he’s able to grab, reach, and toss anything within arms reach. We’ve had several times in which any number of things were tossed over the side of the counter plummeting to the floor. Although, it’s kept us on our toes, this little helper has been a fantastic addition to our kitchen. He feels included, involved, and more interested in what we’re doing when he’s inside it.

Learning Tower Branded 3Specifics:
•Made of Pine
•36” tall, 19 1/4“ wide, 12 3/4″ long (at the top)
•Top (cage) portion can be unscrewed and removed at later time to become step stool
•Easily customizable w/ paint or design options

If you don’t have the option of a custom made one, there are many IKEA hack versions available on the market or fully built options to buy. No matter where your tower comes from, the world of opportunities and exploration is provides is amazing for your toddler.

Just don’t forget to always keep a close eye out for safety reasons and keep the counters clear! :)

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