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Boon_SUDSWhen baby arrives, bottle washing almost becomes a full time job. With all the various components and all the bottles you run through throughout the day, you kinda feel like a bar-back at your favorite watering hole.

Boon took notice of all the washing, rinsing, and drying going on inside kitchens and wanted to try something new. I should say, we are big fans of Boon products. We love our ‘Flair’ high chair that we bought and the multiple Lawn sets we received as gifts. Which is why I was excited to try their latest entry, SUDS.

Mimicking the fast glass washers you see at your favorite bar, SUDS is a new approach to washing your bottles or sippy cups.

Boon_SUDSFeaturing a bowl, spring, and washing tube, Boon’s SUDS allows you to wash each bottle with ease. Water flows up the tube and out the top rinsing the item, while the pressure of pushing down on the spring allows the brush heads to spin and clean the inside.

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Just the other day, my wife and I had picked up our little one from staying the night at Grandma & Grandpa’s house and needed to clean the arsenal of items that went along with him. After filling our base with water, adding a little soap, we were ready to clean. Clean it did. While the preparation and clean up of using SUDS may take a little extra time, the difference for us was reaching the hard to reach places inside the sippy cups that traditional washing wands may not get. The spinning brush head has sturdy bristles that easily got the remnants and washed them right out.

Boon_SUDSMany folks are afraid of putting some of their bottles or cups in the dishwasher. We actually lost several components after they got pitched out of the top rack and melted along the heating element. With SUDS you don’t have that worry and can help make your bottles and cups last longer with less wear and tear.

SUDS is great for doing lots of bottles in a very quick and efficient amount of time. A nearly universal tool to have in your kitchen, SUDS will work with just about any bottle or cup. Yes, even that wine glass at night. A great way to use SUDS may be to prep it in the morning with water and soap and use it throughout the day as you finish with a bottle or cup. That way you rinse it right away and have it ready next time you need it.

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One tip though, beware of overfilling the bowl with water. Our first go around we got a little overzealous with the amount of water we put in our bowl. Once the soap and suds got flowing, we created a little pool on the counter as water spilled out. But nothing that wasn’t easy to wipe up. Also, SUDS will take some extra time to prep and clean up once you’re done rinsing. SUDS itself is top-rack dishwasher safe and BPA, PVC, and Phthalate-free.

Boon_SUDSWith a slogan of ‘Innovations for Modern Parents’, Boon’s SUDS definitely hits the mark. SUDS does exactly what you want from it, makes washing a breeze and helps keep your collection of bottles and cups clean. In fact, you may just find yourself using it exclusively for your glasses once baby gets a bit older.

Boon continues its run of unique and simple products with this one, it’s the perfect addition to our already beloved Boon collection.

You can find SUDS at both Target and

Disclosure: Boon provided the products to facilitate this review but as always all thoughts and opinions are strictly our own.

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