How to Get Your Padawan Started Early With Star Wars Gear

I love the fact that as a parent I’ve been able to slowly mold my child into a fan of all of the things I like. Some things are harder to get them on board with then others (still trying to get my son to be a Miami Dolphins fan) but the easiest one has been Star Wars.

The quickest way to your kid’s Star Wars loving heart is by surrounding them with The Force and here are a few good ones to get you started.

Let your little roll themselves to the dark side with this $40 suitecase

Nothing will get your little guard the Death Star faster than these $37 shoes from Vans

Any old dad can plug in a standard night light but only a Super Dad can use a lightsaber ($24.99).

A Yoda backpack can keep your young padawan in school ($64.99)

It’s pretty expensive at $70 but the price of looking that good can’t come cheap


Nothing helps you to towards the goal of watch the classic Star Wars movies with your kids (I don’t think so prequels) faster then putting this posters on the nursery walls ($55)

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