The 7 Worst Toys To Step On

On one hand your kid’s toys are great for giving you a few minutes of peace and quiet but on the bigger hand they can turn out to be your Kryptonite when walking through your house in the dark of night. I have learned through experience that if I was truly afraid of surviving a zombie attack (because we all know they walk around barefooted) all I would need is a hallway full of turned over toys.


These are the 7 worst toys to step on



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Army Men

Nothing like stepping down on a small plastic rile to quickly understand why your parents “lost” so many of your childhood Army Men.







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 Plastic Dinosaurs

Spiny tail and pointy claw are just a few of the reasons to hate the plastic dinosaur. These things can really help you excavate some of your best pre-parenthood curse words.






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Barbie Shoes

How can do this to us Barbie? We buy you a house, a fancy car, and even a magical wardrobe, but still you leave your small pink high heels in places that are sure to be found by the bottom of my foot.






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Matchbox Cars (Metal)

The Matchbox Car is what I like to call an “injury accomplice.” Sure, stepping on a Matchbox Car can hurt but the pain is not nearly as bad as when the car rolls out from under your foot and causes you go flying in the air like a bad cartoon.





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I think this one is pretty self explanatory.






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Lego Bricks

Dear Lego, thanks for making this small six sided object that has both sharp corners and painful knobs on it!






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Small Trains

Any person who gives your child a plastic/metal/wood train engine as a gift is secretly trying to kill you. This toy is a combination of the Lego Brick and Matchbox cars.




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