Not Every Family Gets a Great Photo With Santa

Every parent imagines the perfect photo of their children with Santa. This perfect photo containing smiling happy children will become the family Christmas card that other families could only dream of.

The truth is that most times the kids are scared of St. Nick and will end looking the wrong direction (or blinking) at time of the camera flash. If your family ends up in this category don’t feel bad because you’re in good company.

Whatever Santa just told these kids it sure scared the little boy and gave the little girl the “deer in headlight” look.



I have to imagine this Santa just smells really bad




I can only guess Santa is having a problem with elf theft.



I’m guessing this Santa was set up next the Hot Topic



It would go better is Santa wasn’t crying



This Santa looks a little tipsy




They just found out that Santa doesn’t give gifts to “Gingers” (I can make this joke because my little buddy has red hair).



This three boys just found out their shirts are a lie

2010 Santa

Sketchy Santas


This Santa will haunt you for many a year.

Nightmare Santa



I bet this guy also goes Trick-or-Treating

Too Old



This shirt is a good way to get nothing for Christmas

Terrible Shirt

Team Jimmy Joe


Is it just me or does this Santa have a comb over?

Comb over Santa



Every time a bell rings Santa returns one of your toys.

Meme Kids

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