Feast Your Tastebuds On Some Serious American Whiskey

Feast Feature ImageLet’s face it, being a parent isn’t easy. Making it through the day can be an obstacle course of hurdles that require you to do any number of feats of strength that make you want to simply collapse into your well defined spot on the couch and crash.

Often with a nice drink in your hand. Wine, beer, a stiff drink? They all can come in handy to help de-stress at the end of a long day.

Dads today aren’t like those of yesteryear who came home to read the paper in their smoking jacket and slippers while holding a glass of bourbon in their favorite chair. While that may not be the case today, but I bet a glass of bourbon every once in awhile is still a nice nightcap to a long day.

That’s why I love sharing this blog with all of you. We get to be the first to share information and fun events to help you find a little escape from the daily routines of parenting.


Entry in the Widmer Brothers Brewing Sandwich Invitational at Feast Portland 2014

If your palate is ready to taste some serious whiskey then Feast Portland is where you want to be this summer. Feast Portland is one of the premiere food festivals around. In fact, with more than 10,000 people visiting last year, it’s been called “the best food festival in the country” by Thrillist.

A four day showcase of top notch culinary talent, internationally recognized chefs, professionals, and industry leaders all joining together to share with you the best food and drink you can imagine. Seriously. This stuff is good. Sandwiches inspired by beer and Dave’s Killer Bread? Yes. Please.


Tasting panel experts at Feast Portland 2014

Feast Portland is known for their fun and informative ‘tasting panels.’ A delicious delight for a small group of people who gather to sip, taste, and talk about the beverage du jour. At the ‘Drink Tank Presented by Imbibe’, Feast panelists share their vast knowledge along with stirring up some fun with a few good stories as they explore new trends of your favorite adult beverages.

You may not know this but there’s a whiskey boom happening in America, and not just in Kentucky. Distillers from coast to coast are making a range of impressive expressions beyond just bourbon. Find out who’s doing it right, and get a taste of some of the most interesting styles. That’s right, you get to taste some of the best from around the country while getting the background on all the intricacies that make it special.

This Year At Feast Portland:

We’re excited to be the first to announceBourbon and Beyond: The New World of American Whiskey - Saturday, September 19, 2015 4:00 PM-5:00 PM

Featured panelists:

Paul Clarke is the executive editor of Imbibe magazine and the author of *The Cocktail Chronicles* (Spring House Press, 2015). When not drinking whiskey or writing about whiskey, he’s traveling to bars and distilleries around the world to learn more about this special spirit. He lives in Seattle.

Jordan Felix has managed bars across the world from Melbourne, Australia to New York City. Before starting the project that is the Multnomah Whisk{e}y Library with Tommy Klus, Jordan worked at Clyde Common for two and half years and has managed not to be booted out of the country. Jordan is a keen swimmer, lover of a good Sidecar and amateur writer on all things whisk{e}y.

Emerson Lamb is president and co-founder of Westland Distillery. Started in 2009 with the goal of putting the state of Washington on the map as a world class place to make single malt whiskey, today Westland is the largest such distillery in the United States. As a family business Westland brings the legacy of five generations of forestry, stewardship of the land, and long term thinking on the leading edge of the North American continent to the whiskey industry. Emerson lives in Seattle, Washington but has lots of frequent flier miles.

After you’re done listening to these guys, you’ll be dropping some serious whiskey knowledge on all your friends.


Feast Portland 2014

If you’ve never visited Portland and you love food, this is the PERFECT excuse to book a ticket and come visit during our best time of year. If you’ve been here before, then you already know all the reasons to come back. Grab your wife, drop the kids off with the grandparents, and flock to Portland (where you can take a “footsie” with the #PDXCarpet at the airport) and spend a few days wining and dining together, giving your tastebuds a break from eating your kids’ leftovers.

You’ll never regret it.

Tickets for Feast Portland go on sale Friday, May 15th at 9am PST. We hope to see you there! And let us be the first to welcome you to our home!

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