Goodbye winter, hello local park

Much like the swallows of Capistrano the reappearance of finer weather means it’s time to return to the local neighborhood park and it can’t come soon enough.

Like most parents of a toddler I knew that winter was going to be a long period of being stuck inside and I prepared the best I could; museum memberships, knowing the hours of the local indoor pool, acquiring toys that can be played with indoors without destroying everything nice…etc. But now that winter snap has broken it is time to return to the local park and once again become regular members of the “burn all the energy you can before dinner” club.

For now the slides and stuff can be a little wet, thanks Oregon, but like any prepared dad I keep an old towel in my car to be used to wipe down the bottom of the slides and other various playground equipment. Taking your kids to the park can make such a difference when it comes to bed time. When you’re able to let your child burn off all their energy by running up and down the playground equipment 400 times it turns a somewhat reluctant kid into one that passes out the second their heads hits the pillow.

We here at DadsWhoDiaper have poetically waxed before about how great the park is but I have never missed it as much as I did this winter when I was stuck indoors trying to explain to my son why Chilly Willy the Penguin need a fireplace in his igloo.

Now go out there and take your children to the park but don’t for the old towel


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