Odds Your Child Becomes A Professional Athlete

  From the moment a child picks up a golf club or a football a parent will start to imagine them playing professionally. But what are the real odds that your kid will make it all the way to the NFL, NBA or some other professional league? We examine the numbers thanks the NCAA’s official […]

Childhood Cartoons To Share With Your Kid(s)

Whippersnappers these days know nothing about great cartoons. They think they have it good while watching Pokemon, Phineas and Ferb or Ben 10 but we all understand the true golden age of afternoon cartoons was in the late ’80s to the early ’90’s. These are the cartoons to share with your kids. Phineas and Ferb […]

Ten Things You Should Read This Week.

The top links for the week of July 14th 1) Divorced/Separated Parents: How well do you co-parent with your ex? This parent talks about the nightmare of being separated 2) Jason Biggs Gives Parents a Teachable Moment on How NOT to Use Social Media How do you make Jason Biggs’ insensitive tweet, regarding the downed Malaysian […]