“Two New Dads” Podcast: Episode 4


Editor’s Note: Before we became the “Dads Who Diaper” we were known as the “Two New Dads.” Same team, same great show, just different name. Podcast episodes 1-5 are under the “Two New Dads” name.

Like the overstuffed 50 pound suitcase for a 19 pound baby, the “Two New Dads” podcast is stocked full of good things this week.

We briefly discuss the craziness of a new TV show “Born in the Wild” where pregnant women give birth in the woods.  Yes, you read that right.  We also break down travel routines, what to plan for, how to stay (mostly) on schedule, and the travel surprises you don’t think about until you have a child.  Do baby monitors work at the hotel bar?

Angela Davis FrugalLivingNW.com

Angela Davis

Looking to save a buck…or few hundred?  This week we chat with Angela Davis, owner of Frugal Living NW.  She breaks down the idea of couponing, no…not the crazy people on TV kind.  The way to save some serious cash and help your family kind.  Also, she’s some great tips on making your way through the grocery store, especially for those new dads who may be doing some grocery shopping for the first time, now that mom is home nursing.

Finally, we talk preparing for baby.  In this week’s listener request we chat about things to take care of prior to baby.  Restaurants, movies, binge-watching Netflix, sleep, “Go-bags,” and rush hour all make the list.  Great tips to prepare for baby, a few things to think about when you’re in the hospital.

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