The 10 Dads You’ll Meet At the Pool This Summer


The 10 Dads You’ll Meet At the Pool This Summer





We loved the post Joelle Wisler wrote for ScarryMommy “The 10 Moms You’ll Meet At the Pool This Summer.” So we at thought we’d share our own version of “Dads You’ll Meet At The Pool.”

I, like a lot of parents, spend the summer months entertaining my son poolside. The public pool is a great arena for two things; kids who go nuts and beat their sibling with a pool noodle, followed by people watching.

Here are the 10 different types of dads I’ve found.


1) Burnt Dad



  • His chest is so pink that it hurts to look at
  • Puts sunscreen on his kids but never himself
  • Makes his children stay at pool hours longer than they want to


2) Old Dad



  • Never goes into pool or even changes into his swim suit
  • Can be found carrying a book or magazine
  • Like to yell at his kids from a lounge chair


3) New Dad


  • Never gets too far from his wife in case child starts to scream
  • Just about has a freak out when his wife has to leave him alone with the child
  • Will end up taking 200 photos during the 20 minutes he is at the pool


4) Doesn’t want to get wet above knees Dad



  • Brings a lot pool toys to distract people from the fact he barely gets in
  • Can be found hiking up his shorts in an effort to keep them dry
  • As soon as he leaves the pool he will wrap himself in a towel, even when it’s 100 degrees outside


5) Work Dad



  • Spends most of the time on the phone
  • His swim trunks are way too big for him
  • Can be found jumping in the pool one time before quickly getting back out


6) Sport Dad



  • Will spend most of his time throwing a nerf football into pool
  • Mostly like to be in great shape
  • Can be counted on to do at least one cannonball


7) The One Who Actually Gets In Pool Dad



  • His swim trunks are well worn and possible bleached from chlorine
  • Most likely the “cool dad”of any group
  • Is quickly asked by other kids in the pool to play with them


8) Overly Nervous Dad



  • Like to walk around the edge of the pool watching his kids
  • Doesn’t like to talk to others because it distracts from watching kids
  • Always yell to his kids to turn around because they’re getting too deep


9) Creepy Dad


  • Moves locations several times during visit
  • Uses his kids to start conversations
  • Swim trunks are WAY to tight


10) Cool Grandpa



  • Love taking his grandkids to the pool, even the rain
  • First one of his family in the pool and usually the last one out
  • Always making sure everyone is wearing sunscreen



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