High Chair “Flair.” It’s a Boon For Us

Boon Flair High Chair Copyright: Boon

Boon Flair High Chair
Copyright: Boon

Shopping for your first baby can’t be nothing short of the most expensive spending spree you’ll ever go on.  Except maybe winning the jackpot in Vegas and blowing your wad of cash at the shops at the Bellagio.  If this happens to you, I’ll consider you reading this post as ‘mental actuality’ and expect to get a nice present.

Like many new parents, there are endless purchases to be made.  I’m a bit surprised our credit card company didn’t flag us for out of control spending.  Slackers.  Car seat, crib, toys, diapers, rockers, dressers, pack and play, and as he grows, so does the size of the items.

We’ve finally graduated to the high chair and I spent hours researching and reading reviews on which is best.  Can you remember what it was like before Amazon or Baby Bargains?  It’s amazing any of us survived our childhood without the internet.

Cheerio graveyard...

Cheerio graveyard…

I’ll save you the time.  We decided on the Boon Flair High Chair and have never looked back.  If you already have kids than you know this little gem: the food they eat while in the chair will more likely land in their laps and seat rather than in their mouth.  It can be a bit of a situation for those with OCD in the cleanliness department but this chair makes that a snap to clean up.

Boon Flair High Chair in Green/Gray

Boon Flair High Chair

The chair is made of one continuous piece of plastic with no Grand Canyon valleys for food to get trapped or lost in.  The foam insert they sit on easily pops out for cleaning and the straps can be removed and cleaned of the spit-up and baby food they quickly get coated with.  Quick tip: we clean them in boiling water for five minutes.  Cleans all the food right off.  The eating tray is dishwasher safe, and can be cleaned with a wipe very easily.  The pedestal can adjust to most common table heights, and the sturdy base on wheels allows you to easily move the chair around on solid floors.  In fact, our little man loves it.  We tell him he’s at Disneyland, he’ll never know the difference.  

It can be a bit spendy.  Here’s a few quick price comparisons:

We chose the Flair based on research and the recommendation of several of our friends and are so glad we did.  Online reviews have been solid and it’s been the perfect fit for our budding foodie.

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