Protecting Baby From Germs, What’s Too Far?

High Chair Cover

High Chair Cover

There are few concerns first time parents have more worrisome than keeping your child healthy.  They are brand new to this world, don’t have an established immune system, and like to shove everything they can find into their mouths.  Everything.

Whether or not you consider yourself a germaphobe there is no shortage of baby products out on the market that will offer to protect your child from just about anything.  Hand/face wipes, shopping cart seat protectors, or the one Wifey brought home the other day, the high chair cover.

Out of the package

Out of the package

I know those high chairs you use at restaurants are COVERED in junk.  Food, spit up, a million hands, oh and of course some other baby’s mouth, at least if they’re anything like ours.

Just last night we were out at one of out favorite places and there he was, chomping on the plastic high chair as if someone had superglued a paci to the front of it, because, yes, we forgot the new high chair cover.  The joys of being new parents, forgetfulness.

Though my question is, are all of these products needed?

Do parents have a rational concern about germs or are companies preying on new parents fears of their baby getting sick and make products we probably don’t need?

I want to keep our baby safe, healthy, and preferably free of any potential diseases.  We covered hand, foot, mouth disease on the podcast recently.  I’m no different than just about any other new parent out there.  A Google search for baby cleaning products just about solidifies the fact parents are buying these things by the billions of dollars.

I’m of the belief that a good cleansing with the army of wipes we carry with us at any given time is sufficient.  So far our little one has stayed healthy and happy.

If you’re a parent right now then you know that we all grew up without most of these items and we turned out ok, right?

So what do you do?  Do these type of products help you, would you recommend them to soon-to-be parents?  Because in the end, sharing quality information with other parents is what makes our lives, if only a little bit, easier.

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